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7. Juli 2016
Backlit exihibit booth

Backlit exihibit booth – House Construction Oldenburg

Backlit exihibit booth for House Construction Oldenburg – an information platform for architects, craftspeople, constructers and builder-owners. The exhibit presents informations about the latest developments and trends […]
6. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibit stand wall

Backlit exhibit stand wall – BIOterra Oldenburg

Backlit exhibit stand wall for BIOterra Oldenburg. The fair povides an overview about alternative cures, healing practices and naturopathic remedies. Exhibitors offers a variety of esoteric […]
5. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibition booth

Backlit exhibition booth – Job Fair Oldenburg

Backlit exhibition booth for Job Fair Oldenburg – an information and communication platform for enterprise creation, education and training and work-study option. Exhibitors offer numerous presentations and […]
29. Juni 2016
Backlit exhibition stand

Backlit exhibition stand – Hobby World Oldenburg

Backlit exhibition stand for Hobby World Oldenburg. The fair presents the latest trends and ideas related to creative and active leisure activities. The fair offers a […]
24. Juni 2016
Backlit exhibition stand

Backlit exhibition stand – CFR Oldenburg

Backlit exhibition stand for CFR Oldenburg. The fair presents information, tips and destinations for traveling. Visitor get expert advice in selecting destinations and holiday ideas, and are provided further information. […]