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18. Juli 2016
Messestand variabel

Messestand variabel – bauma München

Messestand variabel für bauma München – eine Fachmesse für Baumaschinen, Baustoffmaschinen, Bergbaumaschinen, Baufahrzeuge und Baugeräte und gliedert sich in vier Bereiche: Baustelle, Baustoffherstellung, Bergbau mit Rohstoffgewinnung […]
18. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibition wall

Backlit exhibition wall – School Graduates Fair Munich

Backlit exhibition wall for School Graduates Fair Munich – an event for high school students with interesting and uselful programs and lectures. The fair offers multiple […]
15. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibit stand

Backlit exhibit stand – Wedding Days Munich

Backlit exhibit stand for Wedding Days Munich – a wide range of products and services reltated to weddings. Visitors find everything for planing and organizing the best […]
13. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibit system

Backlit exhibit system – MMM Munich

Backlit exhibit system for MMM Munich. The fair is an exhibition aiming at brokers and multiple agents. Visitors get information about insurance, mutual funds, banks, building societies, […]
13. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibit display

Backlit exhibit display – Garden Fair Munich

Backlit exhibit display for Garden Fair Munich. The fair presents trends and innovations of the garden. The fair shows numerous rarities and curiosities from the plant world […]
13. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibition system

Backlit exhibition system – Supreme Tracht&Country Munich

Backlit exhibition system for Supreme Tracht&Country Munich. The fair presents an unique mix of traditional and modern costumes and country fashion. Visitors find cross country over hill […]
13. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibit wall

Backlit exhibit wall – Supreme Kids Celebration Munich

Backlit exhibit wall for Supreme Kids Celebration Munich. The fair presents young fashion wears from newborns to teenagers, special events and occasions. The fair offers a […]
13. Juli 2016
Backlit exibit display

Backlit exibit display – Supreme Body&Beach Munich

Backlit exibit display for Supreme Body&Beach Munich – a fair for lingerie and swinwear and a popular order platform. The exhibit presents seductive lingerie on underneath, […]
13. Juli 2016
Exhibit trade stand

Exhibit trade stand – Supreme Women&Men Munich

Exhibit trade stand for Supreme Women&Men Munich – a fashion fair abd order platform for directional trends. Visitors find high-fashion fashion brands and agencies with high-quality ladieswear […]
13. Juli 2016
Backlit trade stand

Backlit trade stand – Supreme Kids Munich

Backlit trade stand for Supreme Kids Munich – a popular kid´s fashion fair. The fair presents fresh fashion trends for the young generation, from newborns to teenagers. […]
12. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibition wall

Backlit exhibition wall – Meetingplace Germany Munich

Backlit exhibition wall for Meetingplace Germany Munich – an exhibition event management and event services. Visitors get valuable information for their careers. Exhibitors are from the fields of […]
12. Juli 2016
Backlit exhibition system

Backlit exhibition system – Fabric Start Munich

Backlit exhibition system for Fabric Start Munich – a trade fair for womens-, mens- and childrenswear to denim-, street- and sportswear. The fair offers different areas: […]